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EasyProperty is property management software designed to manage both property & tenant on a single platform. EasyProperty is web based and is applicable in the area of estate management or other housing properties.

The scope of easyproperty software is to allow property owners that want to automate their properties by getting up-to-date information on space/house/office occupied by each tenant, number of properties acquired and revenue statistics.

EasyProperty can keep you in action by sending you notification on rent (due or expired) and notify the tenant by sending sms alert to their registered mobile number. It dashboard is well analyzed and can generate reports on (NUMBER OF CURRENT CLIENTS/TENANTS, NUMBER OF EVICTED TENANTS, NUMBER OF IN-COURT TENANTS, TOTAL AMOUNT AT HAND, TOTAL AMOUNT OUTSTANDING, TOTAL NUMBER OF PROPERTIES ACQUIRED etc)



HMS is web based application software designed to manage hotel business. It takes care virtually everything that make up standard hotel daily operations such as Lodging, Bar, Restaurant, Laundry, Mini-Mart, Hall, GYM etc. The software can work on the Internet or on the organization local area network (LAN) but preferably on the LAN to save the cost of Internet. There is no limit to the number of systems that can run the application, and the interface is user-friendly.

With one-time payment, you take full control of it and it does not have expiring period. Though, you would have one month free support, which after you would need to agree on maintenance support to continue to support you on the software. Service can be either on-site or remotely.


ASB is Academic Solution Bundle designed for schools (foundation and high schools). This software comes in bundle with features that make provision for School Define System, Computer Based Test (CBT Practice & Exam), Result Management System, Billing System, School Financial Report, Student Registration & Data Management, Marking & Grading System, Student & Parent Portal and User Control System etc.

ASB can run on the Internet or on a local area network, this makes it a multi-user application system. ASB is an open source application which means you are in total control of what you want and what you expect. It does not limit you to numbers of data or accessibilities you might want to have and it has no expiring date.

Using ASB would give your students the power of learning fast and make them to collaborate more with one another. And your school academic performance would then increase drastically and you can be rest assure of the RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI). With a registered domain or structured network, ASB takes less than 30 minutes to go live. And with the intuitive interface, you do not need to be an expert to use it. It is user-friendly.

In addition, we can provide school website template that presents general information about the school profile, awards, school environment, student learning aids, management profile, academic system, gallery, contact info & feedback form. Etc.


Point of Sale Software Package (POS) is designed to manage your daily sales transactions. The software is web based and is dynamic in the way that it can be used on the Internet, within your local area network or on a single computer. Small or Medium-Scale businesses such as restaurant, eatery, grill-café, bookshop, pharmacy, supermarket or shopping store can use this software. The software interface is user-friendly and with one day training, you are good to go. Payment is one-time, which means there is no monthly or yearly charges for using the software and is affordable.


MedLab Plus is Medical & Laboratory Information Management System, a web based solution designed for hospitals and diagnostic centers to totally manage and ease their day-to-day casual and administration works.

MedLab was introduced to defeat the inefficiencies in providing easy access to vital information, controlling user accessibility, staff productivity, business continuity etc. With MedLab, information is transparent and transferable without being compromised.

MedLab transforms traditional ways of managing medical centers into system based using the modern technology (Internet, Tablet, Notebook, and Laptop). MedLab software can run both on Internet and Intranet.
Luctech Services is an e-business consulting firm that works on improving clients’ profitability by effectively aligning their overall business strategy with information management systems and digital technology, using its core competence of research, development and detailed analysis, innovative conceptualization for market fit, project management and practical testing.

Through painstaking research and its delivery methodology, it has been able to establish its reputation among branded web and management consultants as the e-strategist to work on complex on-line projects.

At Luctech Services, solutions are proffered to help boost client’s sales, customer base, address their operational issues and improve on their customer service. Luctech Services creates an edge between technology and business bringing a blend of both to bring the best out of the clients business.

Our vision is to develop an e-business consulting firm with global perspective based on the talent of the employees and the internal stakeholders.

Our Mission is to consistently delivering value to our target audience, using our service portfolio, using specialized portals as the platform to inform and educate and cross sell services that will improve their overall profitability. Using the platform as the means of deepening internal capability and skills to enable increased revenue generation.

Developing people to deliver value to themselves and the clients we serve.

Creating an on-line presence that has a measurable impact on our clients’ business and process. Our focus is strictly on what works; giving advice, developing and implementing the online initiative aligned with the clients’ in-house team’s “learning level”
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