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Luctech Services is an e-business consulting firm that works on improving clients’ profitability by effectively aligning their overall business strategy with information management systems and digital technology, using its core competence of research, development and detailed analysis, innovative conceptualization for market fit, project management and practical testing.

Through painstaking research and its delivery methodology, it has been able to establish its reputation among branded web and management consultants as the e-strategist to work on complex on-line projects.

At Luctech Services, solutions are proffered to help boost client’s sales, customer base, address their operational issues and improve on their customer service. Luctech Services creates an edge between technology and business bringing a blend of both to bring the best out of the clients business.

Our vision is to develop an e-business consulting firm with global perspective based on the talent of the employees and the internal stakeholders.

Our Mission is to consistently delivering value to our target audience, using our service portfolio, using specialized portals as the platform to inform and educate and cross sell services that will improve their overall profitability. Using the platform as the means of deepening internal capability and skills to enable increased revenue generation.

Developing people to deliver value to themselves and the clients we serve.

Creating an on-line presence that has a measurable impact on our clients’ business and process. Our focus is strictly on what works; giving advice, developing and implementing the online initiative aligned with the clients’ in-house team’s “learning level”
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